Please join me in welcoming Pew Pew to the Chapter Officer team for Final Fantasy XIV!  Pew Pew has been with us for a few months now and from the moment she arrived she's been a cornerstone of our reborn chapter.  Pew has added so much to the guild, bringing a wide range of crafting assistance, her word puzzles and constant bright presence in Discord and in game.

We are slowly and thoughtfully building out an officer team in FFXIV that will help elevate our presence in the game beyond anything we've ever had.  Our goal is to continue to build a team that will balance our historical strength and experience with new vigor and fresh faces.

Pew will be working alongside the existing team to help represent crafters interests, help with events and keeping the guild fun and exciting.  As a bonus she also helps expand our off hours coverage, great news for night hawks and anyone who plays odd hours.

Thank you Pew on agreeing to step up and helping making AKS the great place it is!