On July 2nd, Shadowbringers, the third expansion for Final Fantasy XIV is releasing.  We've been hearing from our members that there's a growing interest in playing the game, especially given FFXIV is one of, if not the best MMOs available right now.

Currently we have suspended our operations in FFXIV but we are contemplating a relaunch of the guild to coincide with the launch of the expansion.  In order to assist us with making those decisions we would like to hear from you!  If you are currently playing FFXIV or plan on playing FFXIV come the expansion launch (regardless if you intend to play with us or not) we would ask that you kindly FILL OUT THIS SURVEY.

If you're currently playing the game we do have a linkshell active right now and you can reach out on Discord for invite details to that.

Once we've had time to collect and discuss the results of this survey we will announce our plans for Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers.