Knights - I hope this finds you well!  We've been slowly getting excited, ramping up and planning out for Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker expansion that's coming in November.

One of the areas of planning focus has been how we can involve our members who are spread across various other FCs on the Gilgamesh server.  To address that we've decided to launch an Aureus Knights Linkshell that's open to all Knights in good standing.  We're hoping that regardless if you're in the Aureus Knights FC currently or not you'll join us on the Linkshell so that we can keep in touch, chat and get you all involved in events and the various fun times we have coming.

To get an invite contact Taas Taru in game or reach out in #xiv-chat on Discord

The FC is going to be ramping up in the coming weeks so if you plan on playing Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker or if you're playing now and you're looking for a good home, come home to the Aureus Knights FC!