You have a little over a week left to get your four seater mount in FFXIV for the FFXIV x FFXV crossover event.  To learn more about the cross over event check out this lodestone article.

In order to get the car you need you to do the unlock quest and then accumulate 200k MGP.  Here are some suggestions on how to get the MGP..

  • Do the weekly Fashion Report.  There are two left before the deadline.  You can do this week and then next Friday's.  Once the Fashion Report becomes available you can check out Miss Kaiyoko Star's twitter where you'll be able to get details on what to wear in the fashion show.
  • Complete your Golden Saucer Challenge Log.  This will be a significant source each of the 2 weeks left.
  • Don't forget your daily mini cactpots and weekly cactpot!

The guild will be running the MGP buff (which will give you a 10% bonus to all earnings in the Golden Saucer of MGP) until the event is over including some level threes (15% bonus) during prime times (Thanks to Luna Soul from RAWR for donating these!)